The University of Salford’s staff strikes begin at the start of December due to numerous pay issues.  

The university is one of 58 universities involved in the strike, alongside Universities in Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham.

76 per cent of the University and College Union (UCU) members backed the strike, which is backed by the national union of students.

The UCU said: “The union is asking for pension cuts to be revoked; and for employers to improve their pay offer and commit to meaningful agreements and action on casualisation, workload, and equality pay gaps.”

The universities and college staff are going on strike over one or both issues.

Dr Sam Grogan, the university’s Vice-Chancellor emailed students about the proposed action, in effort to reassure them and said: “We are confident that most of our staff will work as normal over the three days.

“Where individuals do take strike action, or action short of strike, the University is making every effort to ensure any impact on your learning will be minimized, so that you can complete your studies without interruption.”

The university said it was confident that most of its staff would continue to work as normal over the three days.

According to the union staff, pay has fallen by 20% over the last 12 years.

The strike comes after a year of uncertainty for students in the region brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many courses had a blended learning approach whereas some courses were entirely remote.

As of 2020, the university is home to 21,500 students.

The University of Salford’s staff strikes are due to take place from the 1st – 3rd December. It is unknown how many staff will strike.

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