A grandmother from Salford who “lost the will to live” during the Covid pandemic was saved from death by a Good Samaritan who knocked on her door.

Anna Tandy had taken an overdose to end her life when a driver from a local food charity called round with a delivery of meals.

When Anna didn’t answer the door the driver raised the alarm with Sammie Bellamy, who runs For the Love of Food.

Within minutes the door was broken down and Anna was found unconscious.

Anna said: “I was in a very dark place. I had got to the point where I really didn’t want to live. I was lovely and I had no friends, and I just thought ‘that’s it I want to die.”

“Without Sammie raising the alarm I know I would be dead by now,” said Anna.

Anna, 75, who is originally from Kent, moved to Salford from Asia two years ago. She got in touch with Sammie for help after she stopped cooking for herself when she had Covid and was isolated in her home.

She said: I asked to be put on the food list because I had lost the will to cook, I suffered from Covid and I was in a very dark place, and it was Sammie who helped me to recover.”

Anna is now a volunteer with Sammie with the food project called For the Love of Food.

Sammie, who also a local councillor for Walkden North, began helping people during lockdown by cooking and delivering meals.

Within weeks it became a huge operation and Sammie is now preparing and delivering around 1,500 meals a week to vulnerable people all over Salford.

Sammie said: “Without that delivery driver contacting me, it could have been a different story. I’m so pleased Anna is still with us today and now she is one of our amazing volunteers.”

For the Love of Food relies on donations from the public and from local companies. You can help by visiting the Facebook page:


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