Manchester Academy of Gymnastics

Founded by Mike and Maxine Grech, who have lived in Salford their entire lives, the Manchester Academy of Gymnastics was founded in 2018 to cater for those from diverse backgrounds getting into sports and achieving their dreams.

The academy offers a range of activities for the community, ranging from a play gym for mums and toddlers every weekday morning, to a pre-school programme running up to reception ages, as well as a foundation programme for those aged between 5-13.

Most notably, a performance side that nurtures aspiring children to compete at regional, national and international levels.

The parents and children’s sessions are what sets this academy apart from its competitors as the business manager Jesse Bradbury told us:

“Traditionally a lot of mothers sit and have a coffee and switch off. We are more about the parents engaging with their children and exercising with them. Our café is separate and completely upstairs”.

This has helped with the progression of the children and has made it a good bonding time for the parents as they can get involved with the activities.

Covid had affected the Academy but Mr Bradbury stated:

“We completely reopened in April of this year, and we have done well and are rebuilding.

“Our focus is to make the Academy sustainable and clear the debt that we occurred during lockdown without income.”

“We want to grow and communicate with our community and build their links and let everyone know what we offer”.

Mr Bradbury also added: “We have initiatives in place to encourage people to come on to our coaching programme”

The Academy want to help young people to become coaches and trainers, having a programme in place which paves a pathway for those interested in joining a team full of high-performance level coaches ranging from levels 3-5.

Jesse Bradbury also followed on to mention that the Academy has over 1100 members and “it is a community within a community” with parents closely involved with events such as the upcoming Christmas festival and it allows the community to interlink and engage with each other.

Image credits- Sent by Jesse Bradbury

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