Cycling increased in Manchester in 2020 according to ManchesterWorld.

Salford is home to multiple cycle routes, however, some of these are becoming more dangerous due to a lack of maintenance.

Salford Cycle Route, Credit: RouteYou

Walk Ride Central Salford are campaigning to make walking and cycling the natural choice for everyday journeys across Salford.

A spokesman from Walk Ride Central Salford said: “I think it’s important that routes are designed with as little maintenance as possible, whether that’s cutting back foliage to the absolute maximum or using a surface which soil and plants can’t easily grow on.”

“Maintenance will always be necessary, and should be given a higher priority, since the council have declared to prioritise active travel over cars more money should be attributed from one budget to another in the future.”

Cycling routes should have: shared use for cycling and walking, high quality, durable, low maintenance and accessible, according to Salford City Council. They also state “all routes are three metres wide, where possible”, this is to ensure cyclists can comfortably cycle.

Walk Ride Central Salford posted to Twitter: “Lack of maintenance can kill an active travel route. Building routes with low maintenance in mind is so important but often overlooked.”

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