Last night, Boris Johnson addressed the nation to encourage everyone to get their booster jabs.

He announced everyone over the age of 18 will be eligible for their booster jab and the NHS would have to beat their vaccination record day-by-day.

This means one million people will have to have their booster jab every day until the New Year for Johnson’s plan.

Chris, aged 30, a programmer from Salford said: “I’m double vaccinated and will get my booster because it helps people out.”

An impassioned Salford resident was overcome with anger at Johnson, after the news of the Conservatives Christmas party’s last year hit the press last week, and stated she wouldn’t listen to Johnson as “Its alright for him to have a party last year when the rest of us were in lockdown and my granddaughter was on furlough?”

Another resident agreed with the recent growing in distrust in Salford. “Me and my husband are all up to date and have had our boosters. (The Christmas party) was just the tip of it, it’s all been building up.”

Karmin, 43, from Salford said: “I’m double vaxxed and had my booster yesterday. I only had a sore arm and a little bit of fever.

Griffis, aged 20, works for the NHS doing PCR tests and will get his booster when the time comes. “20. I’m double jabbed and am eligible for my booster jab and probably will get it. I’m only getting the booster because I like travelling and ease of life. I want to be able to just go out and not worry about doing PCR tests.”

Another resident, Daniel Sharpels, 32, shared his views. “I’ve got no vaccines and I don’t really understand it to be honest. I don’t watch the news, I read the paper but didn’t watch Boris’ speech.”

Despite Johnson’s announcement last night, many vaccination centres in Salford are not open today.

Chris said: “It doesn’t really surprise me.”

Karmin said: “I think vaccination centres should be open everyday to help people.”

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