Residents at the Adelphi Wharf buildings in Salford have been left disgusted following the sewage spillage causing flooding throughout two of the three buildings.

The damage was sustained following Storm Arwen hit the nation causing the one of the pumps to fail due to blockage.

A tanker came to the site in order to remove the water on Friday, but flooding has continued over the weekend in the second and third buildings.

A representative of Xenia Estates at the scene said “further damage to the pump was sustained after residents have been flushing baby wipes down the toilet.”

Today Xenia Estates plan on repairing the pump in order to bring an end to their sewage flooding.

One resident leaving the complex today said “there is no sewage apart from where my f****** car was.”

Adelphi Wharf resident Owen Lambert spoke to Salford Now and said “it is from the waste pipe, so it smells horrible, like p***”.

“There is so much that you have to wade through to avoid getting it in your shoes.”

“We are still waiting for it be fixed, but it’s almost been a week now”.

The 3-building complex is host to TV popular show The Circle, which has been axed this year.

The flooding of the apartments on Adelphi Street have not been the first opportunity for residents to complain after overflowing bins in September.

Representatives from Xenia Estates are reassuring residents that attempts to resolve the flooding are being tackled rapidly by saying in their statement “Xenia Estates would like to stress that various contractors are attending the site on a daily basis to resolve the recent issue and we are confident that the standing water will be resolved over the coming days.”

Damp Door from Adelphi Wharf Flooding
Image Credit – Owen Lambert (Permission Granted)

Within Xenia Estates statement they provide a summary of the incident saying “The water and sewage system are pumped offsite via two pumps located in chambers. During the heavy rains caused by Storm Arwen, one of the pumps failed due to a blockage meaning the system was only at half power.”

They have been in close contact with the developer, Fortis Group Holdings, to raise awareness of further issues believing “there may be an additional issue with storm water and river water getting into the system adding volume.”

If you have been affected by the flooding of sewage in Adelphi Wharf get in touch with us on our social medias @salfordnow.


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