Older people in Salford are being invited to sign up for an Engaged Lives campaign to help stay connected to the community in older age.

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust initiative, supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, is intended to build greater community and connection among older people in the UK through a multi-part ‘steps to connection’ programme.

It has two charity shops located in Salford – one in Salford Shopping Centre on Hankinson Way and the other in Aldi on Bolton Road.

ExtraCare says: “Engaged lives is about sustainable solutions to loneliness, social isolation and disengagement.

“While many other measures taken to address these issues offer short-term fixes, our project encourages new habits, mindsets and techniques that can boost people’s ability to find real and lasting community.”

ExtraCare has care and residential villages across the country and this project is designed to build the confidence and capacity of its residents as well as any other members of the senior community.

The ‘Steps to Connection’ resource was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, ExtraCare say: “We hope that Steps to Connection can spread the benefits of Engaged Lives more broadly, helping a wider range of people take the initial steps they need to find a supportive community.”

Steps to Connection is personal, psychological and practical, offering information and interactive exercises on themes like Nourishing Relationships, Keeping Mobile and Building Resilience.

“This resource will make an excellent guide for those preparing to reconnect as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. It’s also designed to be useful during times of lockdown itself, containing specialised advice on staying connected from home, in isolated communities, or through technology.”

Steps to Connection is available for sale in selected ExtraCare charity shops and on the receptions at their retirement villages with all proceeds going directly back into providing community and wellbeing services in the ExtraCare Charitable Trust.


ExtraCare ‘Steps to Connection’:

Step 1 – Nourish Your Relationships

Step 2 – Keep Mobile

Step 3 – Build Your Resilience

Step 4 – Work With Your Thoughts

Step 5 – Live In The Present

Step 6 – Practice Gratitude

Step 7 – Support Others

Step 8 – Find Community as a Caregiver

Step 9 – Connect From Home

Step 10 – Go Digital

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