Tenants in local private student accommodation building X1, have spoken out over their fury over ‘dirty’ and ‘disrespectful’ neighbours, leaving traps of overflowing bins and rat-infested rubbish.

The £25 million building located on Salford’s Frederick Road homes nearly 300 students.


Images of the shared waste space show piles of overflowing bags of rubbish and trails of old food, wrappers and CO2 canisters left by dumped, broken bin bags.

Waste blocking waste room entrance. Credit: Anonymous tenant

“The waste company are separate to the management and they’re doing their best to clean it properly.” Said one tenant:

“The bins are emptied about once or twice a week, but as soon as rubbish is being taken, it gets bad again, it’s just hard to keep it under control with that amount of people leaving it a state.”


Even neighbours and security guards are having to take matters in their own hands in cleaning the space to make it a safer and hygienic space.

Another tenant told Salford Now: “To be fair to the management team we have a security guard who is always on the premises, and he’s been clearing it up himself, obviously that shouldn’t have to happen, he’s here to keep an eye on the building.

Having to sort someone’s rubbish out and that volume of rubbish shouldn’t be down to him.

People should be respecting the place

It’s also just a massive hygiene risk, I mean I once walked in there to see a used sanitary pad just in the middle of the floor, that’s probably been the worst thing.”


“It probably happens 3 times a week now, I think they dump it all in the middle of the night when they know no one’s going to be there.

It’s just absolutely grim, no one wants to live like that.”

Dumped rubbish in communal waste room.Credit: anonymous tenant

X1 management have been contacted to make a statement on the tenant’s waste management but there has not been a reply as of yet.

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