Greater Manchester police have released a photo of a male involved in an incident with a German Sheppard in Ellenbrook on Saturday 15th January.

It is believed that a fight broke out in the beer garden of The Boundary Stone pub just before closing. The man in the image is seen on CCTV getting an Alsatian out of his van shortly after the altercation and walking it towards a crowd of arguing people.

A woman who wasn’t said to be involved in the incident that occurred was bitten by the dog , leaving her with serious injuries to her arm and resulting with her having surgery. In distress the woman fled the scene and was picked up by an ambulance a few minutes away from the pub outside the Takeaway Italian Express.

A staff member who was closing the Takeaway that night, Ciara Treanor,19, described the situation as “Scary” and explained that the girl was “clearly in a lot of pain”. “We were getting ready to shut the shop and She approached us with a group around her shortly after she had been bitten and asked us if we could do anything to help, she was very shaken up … Seems she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

A chef at the takeaway also explained how she tried to help stop the bleeding before the ambulance arrived. “It really wasn’t good at all, i am just glad that it didn’t occur earlier in the day, this car park is usually full of people, it would have been awful for more people to see her.”

Police are now looking to try and identify the male in control of the dog for questioning. If anyone knows this person please report this to 101 or online quoting the crime reference CrI/06FF/0001272/22.

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