Swinton Lions

Lions fans will gather together on Monday 7th February to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Swinton Lions Supporters’ Trust’s formation.

The meeting will take place at Folly Lane ARLFC’s ground, with all fans of the Lions being welcome, whether they are part of the trust or not.

The night will begin at 7pm and will feature a presentation, alongside some guests from the Swinton Lions team.

The trust tweeted:

The trust were originally set up in 2002 in the White Lion public house after former de facto owner Hugh Eaves and chairman Malcolm White left the club in financial jeopardy, leading to the trust having to begin raising funds for the club.

The trust raise funds through monthly and yearly memberships, and a statement on the trust’s website says: “Trust members have been putting in the hours behind the scenes in helping the club manage and help organise the recent 2022 season launch.

“Your continued support allows us to continue to support the club, the foundation lionesses and our community linked clubs.”

The trust also appointed a new membership secretary before Christmas in Stephen Johnson after their former secretary Sam Collier retired, who was thanked in the statement by the trust.

The trust can be contacted by their email lionstrust@hotmail.co.uk or by their twitter account @lionstrust

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