The Crooner Club is an open mic night, hosted by The Egerton Arms.

This open mic night enables performers to get up and sing a set, whether it is one song or five.

The crowd are all supportive of one another and are friendly and welcoming to those who they do not know.

If you want to go here, you do not have to perform. You can go and meet new people and watch some acts.

The club is run by Huw Edward Thomas, 26.

Huw is the member of a band named Huw & the Greater Good. Huw opens the night and then invites people up.

If you want to perform, you either book a slot with Huw or let him know when you’re there.

When I spoke to Huw he brought to light that he made this club when he was a student at Leeds Conservatoire.

He said it is called the Crooners Club because he wanted it to “stand out from the crowd” and did not want people to feel “intimidated” by it being called an open mic night.

The Crooner Club in Salford has been going on for 5 weeks and the one he started in Leeds has been going on for a couple of years now and is still happening.

Huw said: “I think they’re [open mic nights] are really important as a community thing. I don’t think we have many of these… but in terms of people who are bit more arty or like to perform, and especially within the music industry, it’s a really important stepping stone, every big artists would of played in an open mic night”.

He said that these events attract new people and every week they have “we have a couple of gems” that stand out to him and everybody else.

The whole club offer a warm and welcoming environment, with no pressure added to you and no judgements.

One of the university’s students even got up and sang two of their own songs.

Huw’s band even have a new song that was released on the 02/02/22, that you can find on Spotify as well as all their other songs.

If you are interested in visiting and performing at one of these nights, its every Wednesday, 8 till late at The Egerton Arms, M3 5FP.



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