35 new trees have been planted on light oaks road in Claremont Salford yesterday. This comes as trees are due to start  being removed by Quayside shopping centre in Salford Quays.

The trees are being planted through funding from Clear Channel UK which has been “Designed to add value to the city and improve green spaces”

Councillor Mike McCusker said:” The extra tree cover will help reduce pollution in the local area and green projects such as this one is really important as we tackle the climate crisis and are of great benefit to the local community.”

In Salford Quays where trees 49 are being removed, 3 miles away from Light Oak Road Councillor Phil Tresadern tweeted “Peel requested to remove the trees as part of their plans to landscape the area around the Water Gardens. The council granted permission to remove trees, partly because an assessment concluded that this would “have a beneficial effect on those that are retained”.”

Salford labour issued a statement saying:” Firstly, the green space next to the water sports centre is one of the largest green spaces in Salford Quays, but is often unused even on sunny days because the tree canopy is too dense leaving the space in the shadows”

Liberal democrat candidate for the May elections for the Salford Quays ward this year commented:” That space is used by hundreds if not thousands of people especially in the summer, it’s the only green space people have that live in those blocks”

The trees around the waterside will not be replaced.

Salford Quays resident Mr Wilson said:” In my simple mind we should only be adding trees, not taking them away”

The trees are due to be removed around Quayside shopping centre and between imperial point and sovereign point.

The removals will continue to take place over the next few days.

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