Teachers had to voluntarily finance creative subjects in Cadishead Primary School after a rough start of the year with budget shortages.

Rhiannon Pearson, a teacher in Cadishead Primary School works also as the design technology subject coordinator for the school, she said: “So the way DT (design technology) works is the children will look at different models or different things, then they will design their own version, and then they will build it, and then they will evaluate it.

“We have been kind of revamping our DT curriculum, and improving it and making it a lot more ‘hands on’ and trying to give the children kind of more useful skills for life, really a more hands on skills for the future.”

However, the school, due to Covid, struggled financially keeping design technology running in the primary school, as she just had £100 for the remaining of the year.

Mrs Pearson and other teachers could not continue to put their own money to budget these subjects, so she sent a letter to 15 different companies asking for resources or financial help.

She said “I was asking for either donations of money or resources, and they explain what it was for, and the different kind of things we do in DT, and how we’re hoping that that would help young people to gain skills that they might not gain elsewhere that would help them in the future.

“We have a couple of industrial estates quite close to our school with quite an industrial area with, a long history of industrial companies working closely within the community here.

“It’s a very community led environment around our school. It’s brilliant.”

Five companies helped the school: CSG gave £650, PKA Lighting Limited, a small and local company, donated £200, Multisol donated resources and a range of equipment and so did BW Packaging Systems and Benchmark.

It costed Mrs Pearson £50 to send all the letters out, and she at least was expected to get her money back in these donations, however, the school got more than expected.



She said: “We didn’t really believe it at first, it was a big shock. And then when we sort of got more letters over time, it was just really unbelievable, and really just heart-warming that the community had kind of pulled together to support us in that way, it was really lovely feeling.”

CSG, a chemical recycling and disposal in Cadishead, has had a history of supporting the local community if it goes with their brand identity, in this case technology and sciences.

Last year the CSG has helped other organizations and people like Veterans coaches, people who help and guide veterans get better after war experiences, near the Irlam airport.


Student experiments in Design Technology subject. Credit: Rhiannon Pearson

Izabelle Ring, marketing executive for CSG Cadishead, said: “I think for us, as a business, we’re very fortunate to be in a position where we can help other companies or other organisations, because we also want to support the local community.

“We’d like to wherever possible support, obviously, like, everyone’s who got a tight budget. Unfortunately, we can’t help everyone in the community, but we’d like to help wherever we can.”

Izabelle commented on how even when CSG mainly supports those who can better link with the aims and message of the company, they still do it with compassion and some personal and historical reasons.

“We came to the conclusion (of donating £650) ourselves, they sent us a letter and kind of explaining why they wanted, and kind of what materials they needed as well. And then we kind of just sat down and had a look at what the cost of those items would be and how much we could donate as well.”

The money and resources donated from CSG and the other companies will likely last in the primary school for multiple years, as it aims to recycle, reuse and safely spend every pound gotten from these charitable sources.

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