Charities located within Salford and beyond are helping the people of Ukraine, with donations of money, blankets and food parcels in response to the Russian invasion that has been taking place over the last week.

The Russian invasion on the Ukraine, one of Russia’s bordering countries, has caused a significant level of damage within Ukraine, and to the country’s people.

At the time of publication, the number of Ukrainians that have fled the area to neighboring countries offering asylum sits at around 660,000 people, as reported by the United Nations (UN), with just over half of that number going to Poland.

Some ways that we can offer our support to the people of Ukraine from here in Salford are included in the list below:

The Oasis Community Hub – King William Street (M50 3UQ) – will be making thermal blankets between 9am and 5pm on the 2nd of March.

UNICEF is accepting donations through their mobile line; 0300 330 5699 – as well as at this web address.

Caritas are accepting donations at this web address.

The British Red Cross are accepting donations through the following web address.

UN Refugee Agency are also collecting money through the following web page

The Sunflower of Peace organization have arranged a Facebook fundraiser to support those in Ukraine. Donate here.

United Help Ukraine have also set up a portal for donations to be sent through this web page.


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