Emmaus Salford have launched an appeal for Easter eggs to distribute to families in need.

The charity is aiming to give families an extra something special with their usual weekly shop at Lucie’s Pantry.

A spokeswoman for Lucie’s Pantry said:

“We have around 200 customers who use our social supermarket.

“They pay £2.50 per shop which allows them to get the essentials like meat, tinned items and other basic items.

“The Easter Egg appeal is about giving an extra sweet treat to Lucie’s Pantry customers.

“The aim is to give people a little extra and put a smile on their faces.

“When it comes to donation points, people can drop off Easter eggs at Emmaus House, Lucie’s Pantry, Emmaus Emporium or Morrisons in Swinton.

“Swinton has been one of the best successes we’ve had when it comes to donations.

“The good people of Swinton have been contributing not only to the regular food stock of the Pantry but also to the Easter egg appeal.

“We’ve even had a lady in Monton who started her own food donation point to bring more stock in.”

Lucie’s Pantry doesn’t stop at running their social supermarket, they also do home deliveries to those who can’t come into the building physically.

“On a Wednesday we do 25 deliveries to more vulnerable customers who can’t get out and about.

“We’d like to put Easter eggs in their parcels before the Easter weekend.

“We will also be giving Easter eggs to customers who come and do a shop in the week with us.

“If there’s any surplus there’s 16 formerly homeless people in the community that we’re happy to provide a sweet treat to.

“We always work with the community and other charities so that if we have too much of something we distribute the surplus to others who need it.”

Emmaus services are open to anyone who may need them, those in need are encouraged to come into any Emmaus shop from 10am – 3pm to get signed up to their services.

Emmaus is always looking for volunteers in Lucie’s Pantry as well as in the other Emmaus shops.

Volunteers can apply here.

Food donations as well as good quality furniture and bric-a-brac are always encouraged by Emmaus.



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