International Women’s History month is celebrated throughout March so it is an important time to celebrate and learn women’s history, acknowledging how far women have come in society.

There are several events being held in Salford in March to celebrate International Women’s history month.

Credit: Katie Elizaa.

The Woman 2022

Celebrating women in music.

The Woman 2022, is an international women’s history month event which focuses on some of the best female talent in Manchester and Salford.

The show will be presented by Katie Elizaa and is being held at the Eagle Inn in Salford on March 18th.

The lineup consist of local acts; Iora, Tay Temple, Frankie Jobling, Pave and Lakshmi.

Tickets for the event can be found on Skiddle.

Women in Business Lunch


Celebrating women in business for International Women’s history month 2022 at Menagerie Restaurant in Salford on 20th March.

Amazing networking opportunity for women in business to meet like-minded business women.

Credit: Eventbrite

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Painting Black Portraits Workshop

A painting workshop taking inspiration from a feminist black historic female figure who fought for women’s rights.

Being held at the Salford Museum & Art Gallery by local artist Tina Ramos Ekongo on 27th March 2022.

The workshop can help improve existing portrait skills or help build on new artistic skills, all materials provided.

A new exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Tickets available for the workshop on Salford Museum & Art Gallery.

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