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Members have praised The Hive Wellbeing Hub in Swinton after its ‘Knit and Natter’ sessions running every Tuesday from 10am-12pm have enabled them to meet new friends and have fun.

The ladies attending the group are happy to be back socialising: “This is fabulous, I’ve been coming for about 3 or 4 weeks. We’ve got to get back out again and get doing things and meeting people.”

Team member Nicola Yeates detailed that “We’re all to do with social inclusion. During the pandemic a lot of people became isolated, they don’t want to come out of the house and are lonely; so we’re basically here to try and get people to come out.”

Lynne has been coming since October. “It’s done me the world of good. My friend saw it on Facebook. People have noticed a difference in me.”

For those members of the community that aren’t on social media, Nicola prints out posters to showcase upcoming events.

The hub is also due to host an event in partnership with AgeUK in the near future about ‘health and hydration in the elderly.’

“With AgeUK we do get a lot of the elderly community or people that look after them coming in. It’s also good for staff and volunteers with their training.” Added Nicola “So, if they think maybe an elderly person comes in and looks malnourished- they’ll know the signs to look out for and signpost them to someone who can help.”

She conveyed how essential training such as this is vital in spotting the signs of malnutrition which enables those in need to be helped before their condition deteriorates.

Nicola added that “It’s important, people probably think that they don’t need a lot to eat, but things like dehydration can lead to being hospitalised and affects everybody around them too.”

The AgeUK session date is to be confirmed. To keep up to date follow The Hive on Facebook

‘Knit and Natter’  and runs every Tuesday 10am-12pm

To find out more contact the community hub on 0161 425 4140

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