The new show ‘Subdural Hematoma’ is coming to the King’s Arms in Salford.

The show is set to debut on the 10th and 11th of March in Salford then transferring over to Eleanor Blackburn’s home city of Sheffield the following week.

Eleanor said: “I think Salford is such a wonderful place for Theatre, I think the theatre scene in Salford is fantastic.

“The people are so creative, there are so many artists and I just wanted to be part of that buzz really.

“I just thought starting it in Salford would be effective, there’s so many wonderful creators there.”

Image Credit: Eleanor May Blackburn

The play is a comedy based on actress Eleanor’s traumatic Subdural Hematoma back in 2015. Against all the odds Eleanor made a full recovery which the doctors were not expecting.

Eleanor said: “Subdural hematoma is mine and my parents’ story of a brain injury I suffered in 2015.

“I very nearly died. The doctors told my mum and dad to expect the worst, I had to learn to eat, talk and walk again.”

“My mum wrote a diary at the time, so the play takes us through the course of the diary entries that she was writing and I respond to them in spoken word.”

Image Credit: Eleanor May Blackburn

The play will have many elements and will have a strong focus on brain injuries that people suffer which is a message she wanted to strongly convey.

She went on to state: “There’s some mask in there, there’s some physical theatre, there’s a bit of everything… It’s 60 minutes and it’s a whirlwind about my recovery.”

Tickets are currently available for the show. Tickets can be purchased through the King’s Arms website or they can be bought at the door on entry.

Eleanor ended by saying: “It’s going to be a ball, it’s going to be so fun, please come and see it and learn about brain injuries.”

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