A Salford couple who found a love of coffee when travelling have opened a new specialty café on Chapel Street.

Daniel Haralmbous and Ilaria Criscuolo fell in love while travelling in Italy and the Netherlands and worked together in their part-time jobs. Fast forward a few years and the pair have opened ‘Procaffeinated’.

After living on Chapel Street for a decade, Daniel said the area was “crying out” for this type of business.

He added “There’s a couple of of coffee shops around, none of them really have any indoor seating.”






infographic made by Grace Donohoe


“I went travelling and I met my partner, who is now also my business partner as well. As part of our travelling experience I spent a year in Italy and then we went to Amsterdam together. The specialty coffee scene is really good in Amsterdam so we both worked part time not really thinking anything of it.


Image credit: Grace Donohoe

“We thought there was something to it, so when we both eventually decided to come back to Manchester, we thought we’d try and work in the industry here, to see if it was similar to how it was in Amsterdam”.

The duo had enjoyed working in Manchester’s coffee scene for a number of years and took the plunge with opening Procaffeinated.

Speaking of how the opening came about, Daniel added: “We came very close to acquiring a unit just before lockdown, but then lockdown hit. It was a blessing in disguise because now we’re in a great unit and everything’s going so well.

Image credit: Grace Donohoe


“We try to do everything ourselves as much as we can. Not many coffee shops bake their bread in house, in the morning before trading. We have our fresh bread and unique ingredients. We’ve really tried to put a Mediterranean spin on a lot of brunch classics.”


image credit: Grace Donohoe

The café boasts a menu offering items from smashed avocado to smoothie bowls as well as a range of grilled sandwiches and freshly baked cakes.



Visit their Facebook page for menu’s, opening times and updates




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