Boothstown Methodist nursery students had a day like no other this week when baby chicks hatched in the classroom.

The school conducts the lesson every year, in collaboration with Eggucation who bring unhatched eggs to schools across the UK, safely in incubators the children are able to witness the chicks breaking out of their shells as life begins.

“It’s absolutely lovely, it really develops their awe and wonder” said teacher Rebecca Neill.

“They’re questioning and investigating, they want to ask questions about it, they want to know what’s happening”

Students get to hold chicks once they are big enough. Photo Credit: Boothstown Methodist via Twitter.

“The excitement of when the first chick starts to hatch, they can see the first big crack in the egg, its lovely and they’re extremely excited”

Students are able to see the chicks grow, once they are developed enough they are able to pet them, feed them and look after them.

Students help to move them to a safe cage on campus where they stay until they are old enough to be returned to Eggucation who take care of them from then on.

This is all part of the schools ‘Who lives on a farm?’ module which aims to teach children about life cycles and science.

Boothstown Methodist will be running a similar scheme for their students in the coming weeks with animals of a bigger nature, like goats and horses, being brought to show the children. They will be able to learn about the animals whilst getting a chance to pet and meet them in person.

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