The United Kingdom: the home of many things that make this nation so special. Many things separates this country from the rest, but one of the most appreciated and relied upon is the supermarket of Tesco.

Our city of Salford is known for many things, The Smiths, Paul Scholes, Tim Burgess, Christopher Eccleston and The Happy Monday’s. However, the most surprising and unknown one of them all is that Walkden in Salford is the home of the UK’s largest Tesco.

The national treasure that we all visit be it daily, weekly or monthly for club card bargains or the stores highly popular meal deals is an essential for every UK town or village.

Located seven miles north west from Manchester’s city centre, the Tesco extra superstore has its very own Café, Pharmacy, Tesco Mobile shop, Vision Express opticians and a Homebase mini store is set to join the roster in April.

The store can be accessed through the neighboring Ellesmere Shopping Centre and is located off the A6 road in Walkden.

The Tesco Extra stores are the flagships of the supermarkets fleet and the Walkden store has officially been named the UK’s largest with it providing more than 168,000 sq.ft of floor space and aisles to cover.

According to the YouGov website:  The most popular supermarket chains in the UK | Food | YouGov Ratings Tesco is rated at number four in popularity rankings, with Tesco Extra just one behind in fifth place. The rankings are rated with a percentage on how many positive opinions on the chains there are.

Walkden is predominantly known for its coal mining and textiles manufacturing but now has its newest trademark. Salford has a lot to shout about but why not add having the UK’s biggest Tesco store to the city’s all ready vast hall of fame?



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