Salford parents are being warned that scarlet fever is on the rise across Greater Manchester.

Children aged two to eight years old are most at risk from the notifiable disease which is spreading in the wake of Covid restrictions being lifted.

Social distancing and other measures designed to limit the spread of Covid also protected pupils from other childhood diseases, which are now a concern.

Salford City Council public health department has written to parents warning them to look out for the highly infectious disease, that includes symptoms of:

  • Flu-like symptoms – such as a high temperature and swollen neck glands
  • Sandpaper-like rash
  • Sore throat

    Image credits: Creative commons by Afag Azizova
  • A rash which appears 12-48 hours later as well
  • White coating appearing on the tongue

The council has advised parents to keep their children at home and speak to their GP to see if treatment is necessary.

Some simple ways to reduce transmission are:

  • Maintaining good ventilation
  • Making sure children are fully vaccinated
  • Frequent and effective handwashing

Although most common in children, adults can also contract the infection.



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