A Salford art group is hosting a ‘Meet The Artists’ exhibition with the aim of raising funds towards the Ukraine appeal.

‘From The Art of Salford’, who are hosting the event which will take place at Langworthy Cornserstone, is offering artists the chance to voluntarily donate to the appeal through the sales of their artwork during the exhibition on 31st March.

Event organiser and artist Tony Easom said: “On this particular occasion we are trying to raise funds for the Ukraine appeal.

“It’s not a league table, I’m not going to publish who has or hasn’t donated, it’s just a charitable thing we’d like to do.”

The exhibition, which will run from 18:00 to 20:30, will feature work from 27 different artists, all of which are based locally in the Salford area.

Easom also spoke about the massive pride he has for art in Salford, “Absolutely [we take pride], if there’s any money to be made it’s by the artists themselves.

“There are lots of artists who have never shown their work in an art exhibition, and when they do it it’s so rewarding to see how happy and proud they are of themselves.”

From The Art of Salford has been a continuing success since 2017 when Easom asked venue Langworthy Cornerstone if he and members of Salford Art Club could showcase some of their work, alongside other successful local artists such as Philip Westcott and Broady.

“That was in the spring of that year” Easom continued, “and in the autumn time I did another one, and for the next couple of years I did it twice a year, but now I keep it to once a year because it is a lot of work.”

Further details for the event can be found here.

Image credit: Tony Easom.

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