CommUNITY in Little Hulton is asking local businesses and residents for 300 Easter Egg donations.

The Easter Egg appeal has been running for two years, and targets vulnerable children providing them with an Easter Egg that they otherwise might not get. These recipients are chosen on a first come first serve basis.

Anthony Gritto, an Assistant Youth Development Worker at CommUNITY, said: “At the moment we’re really struggling with local businesses, if anyone knows any local businesses that would want to participate please drop us a message.”

Anthony started as a trustee, then becoming a volunteer and now works there part time.

Little Hulton is one of Salford’s most deprived wards, which means charities such as CommUNITY and their work within the local community are so important to residents who live near by. They found that during lockdown their Easter Egg Appeal was much more popular and successful, due to people struggling through the pandemic being furloughed and dealing with tougher times at home and work.

Alongside this appeal, the organisation are very active in the local community day to day. Every Wednesday they host a food club, where for £2.50 customers can pick a minimum of 12 items from their food club selection. Items range from frozen food, fresh fruit and vegetables, cereal and canned goods. This food club especially highlights the need for organisations like this for deprived areas, as CommUNITY have around 100 residents queuing for the club from 8am. They also have a policy of not turning anyone away, so if people are unable to afford the fee for food club, they find a way in order to help people with that issue.

However, they have mentioned about how some people will come to collect food earlier or later in the week, however, it is only possible to provide community members with stock they have. They are also aware of how important a simple conversation may be, and so they offer ‘a brew and a biscuit’ for only 50p during a Wednesday.

Grott said: “It can be challenging but also very rewarding.”

He also told us that as of April, CommUNITY have been selected for Tesco’s community grants where local customers can vote with blue tokens for their preferred charity. The team at CommUNITY are excited about this upcoming scheme, as they believe it will help them provide even further aid to those who need it most.

The members of the team clearly understand how important community is, and especially now during the aftermath of lockdowns and the pandemic as a whole. They have seen an increase in the need for their appeals, and also own a shop where they sell baby booties and blankets knitted by community members.

They ask anyone who wants to donate an egg to stop by their office opposite Little Hulton Health Centre, where they are open five days a week. For more information about this appeal and how you can help the organisation you can email CommUNITY at

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