Labour’s Councillor for the Quays is working to find ways to permanently halt the build up of debris that regularly gathers in the bays around Salford Quays.

Four rivers wash flotsam and jetsam from across Greater Manchester into the River Irwell, which washes it into the Manchester Ship Canal and then Salford Quays. Salford City Council spend around £25,000 every year removing and disposing of floating rubbish from the area.

The debris accumulates in the North, South and Central bays. Labour Councillor Phil Tresadern, who is running for re-election in the Quays, said: “The North Bay, near the Alchemist, is managed by Peel who have a garbage removal boat that gathers rubbish from the water for disposal.

“The Central Bay, near the Watersports Centre, is smaller but suffers from rubbish washing up at the ramp used for launching boats.

“The South Bay, near Clippers Quay, is the only one that isn’t blocked off with a bund, and so accumulates most of the rubbish. There was once a floating debris boom across the mouth of the bay but that was removed or relocated some time ago and would cost thousands to replace. A smaller one has been in place for a while but that, too, has now been damaged irreparably by large floating objects such as fridges.

“We are therefore in conversation with management of Urban Waterside who manage the bay to find better ways to prevent the rubbish accumulating there.”

The Quays ward are now working with the council and other partners to find a solution to the issue.

Tresadern added: “Although we are keen to work more closely with landowners in Salford Quays, we would ideally like to work more closely at the Greater Manchester level given that most of the rubbish has travelled from boroughs outside Salford before reaching the Quays.”

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