The Salford Diabetes Team have embarked on their second day of raising awareness at Salford Royal Hospital for Insulin Safety Week.

There is an area set up in the Hope building at Salford Royal, where members of the public and healthcare staff will be able to ask questions and understand key diabetes principles.

The safety week intends to educate people on the safe use of insulin after it was revealed that 40% of insulin treated patients have at least one insulin error during their hospital stay.


As of 2019, there are 16,000 people in Salford with diabetes, and with 22,000 people dying each year nationally due to diabetes, it is important that people know how to urgently use an insulin pen.

Diabetic awareness is therefore extremely important in Salford, especially with the correlation between life expectancy and deprivation.

Salford has a life expectancy 12 years lower than England’s most affluent areas and Salford NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme identified that Salford is the 22nd most deprived local authority in England.




This means that people will eat cheaper, more unhealthy food which will increase their risk of type two diabetes and will also worsen any existing diabetes.

As well as being able to ask the diabetes team questions, free training is available for Salford healthcare staff from CDEP Diabetes Training.

The online diabetes training company aims to improve care quality, safety and outcomes.

CDEP website states their training is designed to: “Reduce the risk of people experiencing low blood glucose levels by boosting staff’s hypo knowledge, confidence and guideline familiarity.”


On Twitter, there has been support for the area set up at there hospital, with @lammers37 tweeting: “Such a key meds and patient safety issue. Please stop by and check the latest from the experts @gemisla and the @SalfordDiabetes”

The Salford Diabetes team will be present at Salford Royal Hospital until the end of the week and they will also be providing fun quizzes.

Find more information on their twitter@SalfordDiabetes.

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