Salford Quays has become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, especially in the summer months, with a dispersal order in place.

Standing for election in the Salford Quays ward, is current Councillor Phil Tresadern for Labour, Alex Warren for the Liberal Democrats and Lucy Staniforth for the Green Party.

Labour Councillor, Phil Tresadern, who is standing for re-election, said to residents in a post on Facebook: “We are building up our capabilities to tackle ASB and nuisance night-time driving with better CCTV to gather evidence, issue fines, and drive this behaviour out of Salford Quays.”

Alex Warren is also campaigning on a pledge to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. The Liberal Democrats said:” The Salford Liberal Democrats want a greater police presence on our streets, fix all the street lighting and get inventive about how we can make our streets safer”

The area which has almost doubled in population within the last ten years, has been described by residents as “a racing track at night”

Salford City Council placed a dispersal order in the area, which expires this year to stop “any unauthorized swimming, jumping from any bridge, removing, or displacing any lifesaving equipment expect in the case of an emergency and depositing or throwing into the water any animal or larger objecting including wheelie bins.”

The council put this order in place after they said the anti-social behaviour was having a detrimental effect of those living in the area.

Councillor Tresadern said: “Fighting, littering and late night dangerous driving have become more common over the years, intimidating some residents and making life miserable for others”

Whereas the green party candidate is running her campaign based off environmental issues in the area such as the effect of litter and waste in the area.

There is no conservative candidate standing in this constituency, with Labour having held the area since the ward was created in 2021.

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