Autism Umbrella is a society dedicated to helping those who have a condition on the autism spectrum. 

According to the NHS Information Centre around one percent of the UK’s population are affected by autism, which is more than 700,000 people. 

Many people go through their lives without any help and Autism Umbrella is trying to bridge this gap. 

Mark and John Terrence, who run the society have a lot of experience the field of supporting adults on the autistic spectrum. They have been involved in the likes of social groups, community integration, work placements and assistance in outreach and residential situations. 

Autism Umbrella is specifically for over 18s, but they’re hoping to start an under 18s social group as well.

John said: “We aim to enhance the social skills and great friendships have been made from the group. One person’s anxiety was so bad he used to attend the group with a social worker, now he drives and attends on his own.”

The group they currently run is held at Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre in Didsbury but they are looking to expand into Salford, once they have enough members in the group.

John said: “We have people that come from all over to the group, as far as Bolton. People from Salford are more than welcome to join, all you have to do is fill out an application form.”

Currently they don’t have an official website but any information like the application form can be found on the Facebook group.

When asked about why Autism Umbrella was set up, the founder John said: “I’ve run one in the past and I got a lot out of it, so I though I’d start another one up.

“I called it Autism Umbrella because I wanted to cover all aspects of the autism and it gives us plenty of free-scope, to move around and cover different things.”

Mark said: “Once we have enough members, we will hold a number of events a month.” 

They are also hoping to set up, a parent’s support group and a disability disco which will be for anyone with any disability. 

John said: “We have regularly been given updated training on autism and many areas surrounding the support of those with autism.

The areas of training that I feel most contribute towards the day-to-day support I give are the risk assessment.”

If you’re interested in joining the group, the link can be found here:

Here is the full interview I done with the founder of Autism Umbrella, John Terrence:



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