Salford will hopefully benefit from new funds to tackle inequality in sport.

Sport England are investing a further £360 million of National Lottery and government funding into 78 more partnerships to help tackle long-standing inequalities within access to sport and physical activity.


Salford has links in access to sport organisations to be able to accommodate disabilities in sport clubs around the city.

A survey has revealed that since the Covid-19 pandemic almost 40 per cent of disabled people in the UK are less active in sport and the investment from Sport England is vital to improve this statistic.

Sport England has invested £3,049,335 in access Lancashire. Salford will benefit from this grant and money will be invested in to access to sport.

Access for sport have a cycling for Salford scheme to encourage children and adults with disabilities that will give disabled young people confidence to ride a bike.

Access Lancashire also has a bike recycle scheme which with more funding will be able to recycle more bikes and provide them for cycling for Salford.

#UnitingtheMovement is trying to solve any inequalities in sport and give the next generation all equal chances and no discrimination in sport. 

Salford has more than 200 sport clubs and nearly all rely on funding and charity organisations to keep them alive. Sport clubs are vital for people’s mental and physical health and Sport Network in Salford allows residents to find clubs near them.

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