Platinum Jubilee in Salford

So 2022 marks the Queen’s 70th Year on the throne, and the bank holiday marking this event is just around the corner.

Street parties have been a way for the public to celebrate together since 1919, and the Platinum Jubilee in Salford is still widely-enjoyed.

If you’re interested in planning your very own street party for the up-coming bank holiday, here are the basics:


What should I do first?

Before you begin to start planning a street party, make sure everyone on your street is on board. People who may not want to join the celebration will need constant access to their property.

Make sure your neighbours are able to attend by contacting them all and discussing ideal times and content of your party. If you want, you can contact your local community police Officer for their support and advice.

Click here to contact Greater Manchester Police.


How do I apply to close a road/street for a street party?

Make sure to contact the Highways team as soon as you can. Click here to see useful contacts.


How long can I close a road for?

The road can only be closed for however long the street party is being held for. For more specific questions, contact the Highways team on tel:01617 932433.


Do I need Barriers for a road closure?

You will need to temporarily block the road for the duration of your street party. Make sure your neighbours know about the times the road is closed for, and take their comments into account.

You need to make sure that emergency vehicles could reach a property in your street if it was required.


Can we let off fireworks?

You can let off fireworks! Just make sure all displays are finished by 11:00pm to comply with regulations and minimise disruption for your neighbours.


What should we do after our street party?

Ask everyone involved in your street party to contribute to clearing up, check litter, tables and chairs and any decorations are tidied and put away after.


Anything else I should know?

if you want to know about the Platinum Jubilee in Salford, you can contact the council and any other FAQs can be found with appropriate answers on their website.

We hope you enjoy your street party, whether you attend or host!


Top Image: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Captured by: Sergeant Adrian Harlen via Flickr. no changes made

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