Mustard Tree have appealed for more Salford people to work in their Eccles and Little Hulton sites with training and full time work being offered. 

Due to the current financial crisis affecting most of England, Mustard Tree now wants to offer full time coordinator and trainer positions, Jo Walby, CEO for Mustard Tree said: “We are facing perhaps the largest fight against poverty since the 1970’s and urgently need to find passionate, kind and importantly local people to join us and inspire our communities.”

“If you are someone that friends rely on or are good at sorting out problems or have some DIY skills you want to share or have experience as a support worker, please check out the job descriptions.”

Worker cleaning the furniture and decorations for sell, in Mustard Tree Eccles Hub. (Credit: Mel Cionco)

Mustard Tree, a local charity with hubs in Manchester and Salford, work towards helping the lives of those with financial problems and needs, providing discounted furniture as well as food supplies, English language lessons (English Conversation Classes) to foreigners, and volunteering opportunities.

Mustard Tree is mostly keen to employ those living in any Salford area, specially those with a history as well as interest on Eccles and Little Hulton.

Team of workers and Freedom Project Volunteers in Mustard Tree Little Hulton Hub. (Credit: Mel Cionco)

Walby continued: “The external context of increasing inflation, benefit caps, the energy crisis and rising rents mean that more people will struggle.

“Whilst street homelessness seems to be stabilising, there are over 4,000 people in temporary accommodation for people in Greater Manchester.

“There is also significant shortage of emergency accommodation for people with complex needs and there is a lack of affordable rents.

“Based on data providing by GM Poverty Action’s ‘Poverty Monitor 2020’, there are over 200,000 children are living in poverty and 157,000 fuel poverty households across GM.

“This situation will get worse with the energy cap being removed in April 2022 with bills significantly increasing”

Infographic of economic needs and gains in Greater Manchester/Salford.

Mustard Tree in the past has shown high interest on increasing the number of helpers in their hubs, specially with their latest Freedom Project campaign, where locals could sign up for a six month volunteering experience that offers the key skills like “grow in confidence, motivation, stability, wellbeing and employability.”

Now they are searching for: Support Coordinator, Practical Skills Trainer, Freedom Project Coordinator and Tenancy Sustainment Support Coordinator.

Jack Barton, communications manager for Mustard Tree commented that currently both coordinators and volunteers are equally needed, and that those who had a history in the Freedom Project can join in the paid roles, he said: “We value lived experience, this could be around mental health, domestic violence, hardship and/or homelessness.

The paid roles also require some skills above entry level.

Campaigns, roles, and other opportunities show in Mustard Tree’s flyers. (Credit: Mel Cionco)

Talking about the requirements, Jack said: “Ideally support workers with some experience (due to the complexity of the roles).

“This typically involves having academic qualifications.

“We urgently need people from Salford to help us in our mission.

“The local expertise is invaluable so we are determined to recruit local people – it also plays into our social value for the city.

“Ultimately we want the pound to stay in Salford.”

All current vacancies are live on Mustard Tree’s website, click the link to find out more.

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