Cocktails ‘n’ Canvas will hold an event at The Delph Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Worsley on June 8th.

This is the second time that the pop-up event will be held at The Delph, after they enjoyed a successful turnout in April.

The experience combines an art class with a social event and allows you to explore your creativity in a relaxed setting. Participants will have the opportunity to paint firm favourite Oscar the Ostrich, which will be theirs to take home, using a range of pre-selected acrylic paints. A complimentary drink is provided on arrival and food can be ordered whilst painting.

Previous participants with their paintings of Oscar.

The class is suitable for all skills levels, making it accessible to everyone. Owner and host Kelly Conniff said: “When I develop a painting, I always develop it for the least artistic person in the room so that I can break it down into small steps so that people can come, follow it along and come out with something reasonably good that they can be proud of.”

“It’s not as serious as an art class, it’s supposed to be a fun shared experience with family and friends. The art is almost secondary but it is important because we want people to come out with something they’re proud of that they’ve achieved and created. my main priority is that they’ve had a nice evening and a fun time, and if they come out with a painting that they’re proud of then that’s even better.”

Tickets are available here.

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