Megan Fielden started roller skating in Media City in January 2020 during lockdown. It was a way for Megan and her flatmates to get their daily exercise.

“MediaCity is an ideal place to skate because it’s quite flat and the surface isn’t very bumpy it’s the perfect skating surface and it’s a big open space.”

“There’s not that much footfall from pedestrians either, so you’re not getting in anyone’s way.”

Alongside Roller skating people can be spotted cycling, scooting, and skateboarding in media city.

“It’s a really good place to skate because there are always other people there skating and you can learn things from other skaters.”

“it’s just one big community.”

However, in Salford, there doesn’t seem to be any indoor facilities for people to roller skate. The only sessions for roller skating that are put on in Salford are for children aged 4-8 on Tuesdays at Clarendon Leisure Centre.

“It would be nice to have more places to skate in Salford because there aren’t any. I know in Manchester they have more places and there’s even a sports hall that do skate nights.”

“In terms of Salford the only place really is Media city or any parks, but it would be really nice to have a dedicated skate spot, so you don’t feel like you’re bothering anyone.”

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy to see these skaters in action.

“You get the odd pedestrian bothering you asking you questions like ‘Are you meant to be here’ but you brush it off.”

“I’m not a loud skater or a disrespectful skater but you can just get sometimes rude people.”


Elizabeth Gratton
Image credit: reporter. Elizabeth Gratton


Other than roller skating being a fun way of getting some fresh air, one hours’ worth of roller skating can burn up to 300 calories.

“I’m into fitness and going to the gym but for me skating is a workout and at the same time you’re having fun.”

“My favourite place to skate is at the top of car parks, because no one can ever be bothered to drive to the top of a car park, so it’s usually empty you’re not bothering anyone and if you go for when the sun sets you can get a really gorgeous sunset over the city.”

Pictures taken by Megan Fielden

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