Last season’s top scorer for the Ammies, Brandon Thomas-Asante, believes this season is the perfect opportunity for Salford City to finally earn promotion into League 1. 

Thomas-Asante was the most influential attacking player in the club’s previous campaign, which saw their play-off hopes snatched away in a 2-2 draw to Mansfield Town in the penultimate match day of the 21/22 season.

The English attacker scored 11 goals and got four assists in League 2 last season, the most combined goals and assists out of anyone for Salford City FC.

Speaking with Salford Now, Thomas-Asante revealed the pressure of being relied upon for match winning moments.

“It’s a positive pressure, I don’t think it’s ever debilitating,” he said.

“I feel like I want to contribute in any way I can in any given day, so I enjoy having that responsibility.”

Brandon added: “Every new season you’ve got to re-establish that accountability, and allowing players to know that I can be relied upon.

“It’s good to know the fans are behind me and I definitely want to take on that role again this year.”

The 23-year-old also spoke about how he healthily sets himself individual targets so he can continue to grow and improve as a player.

“I tend to go on a game by game basis in a similar way that the managers put into us in everything that we do to have a certain standard.

“Just setting standards that will allow you to naturally hit certain targets rather than having the pressure of long term targets.”

He continued: “I do have them in the back of mind, like numbers I want to hit, but attacking it every game and every day is the best way for me I think.”

Brandon also spoke about the general pressure playing for Salford City has at this current moment, given all the financial backing and media coverage the club gets.

“You can definitely see whenever someone comes here, you sometimes hear the celebrations, even comments from opposition players knowing they’re excited to play against us and they really want to beat us.

“You have other people looking to us and its down to us to live up to the expectations that we are a force to be reckoned with as a group and on an individual basis.

“It’s definitely a case of getting those automatics (promotion) and winning the league.”

Salford City’s League 2 campaign starts on the 30th of August at against Mansfield Town, Brandon Thomas-Asante and the rest of the squad will be hoping to lay a marker down for the rest of the league as they look ahead to a potentially historic season for the club.

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