GREATER Manchester Police received several reports of a drunken man enjoying a night out in Wythenshawe accompanied by a horse.

The man was spotted in different locations around Wythenshawe, including a chippy, a hospital and a car park.

Complaints were raised by angry NAY-bours after the horse was spotted eating plants and making noise in the early hours of the morning.

GMP Wythenshawe posted this unusual night ‘on the beat’ on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, even appealing for information on “where is the horse now?”

They commented: “For all of you asking why we left the man with the horse, the officer attended and believed the man was fine.

“He wasn’t riding the horse at the time and was in full control of the horse.”

GMP Wythenshawe Facebook - Horse Incident

They are not suspecting foal play.


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