SHOOTING stars, the planet Mars and the next generation of space travellers were on the itinerary when a former NASA astronaut visited the University last week.

Dr Don Thomas, who has been on four shuttle missions and spent time on the International Space Station, touched down at our MediaCityUK studio to discuss his career and the future of space exploration.

His visit marked the half-way point in British astronaut Tim Peake’s space expedition and gave Quays News viewers the chance to find out more about what life as an astronaut is really like.

Don, who has spent a total of 43 days, 8 hours and 13 minutes in space, even brought some props with him – a pair of Russian spacesuit gloves and some of the dehydrated food that astronauts eat when they’re in space.

Don Thomas Quays News
Don Thomas with the Quays News team

Quays News also gave children from Didsbury Road Primary School, in Stockport, an opportunity to ask Don some video questions about being an astronaut, which linked in with the topic they are studying as part of the Year 5 curriculum.

Their teacher, Sarah Clapperton, said: “Space is one of the hardest topics for the children to understand properly, as everything is so ‘big’ and far away.

“For them to be able to do something that makes it a little more real and accessible is brilliant.”

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