LANY are an LA bred band with a refreshing talent. Formed in 2014, this threesome are currently on tour with Ellie Goulding and have recently released a new single ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS’. Quays News entertainment reporter Isobel Hine quizzed them about their music, touring in the UK, chick-fil-a and their dedicated fans back in the US…

Walking into a small café in the Northern Quarter, it was clear straight away how laid-back and friendly LA-based trio LANY are. Shaking each of their hands their politeness and warmth was charming. Members Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss began by explaining the story of how LANY came to be…

Vocalist Paul reminisced about how he moved to LA to pursue music: “I was doing a solo artist thing which wasn’t working out, and these guys were in a band called ‘WRLDS.

“So it started when I left and I really wanted to give up and kind of stop music, but I couldn’t shake like the obsession and the dream of wanting to be in a band with my friends and make music. I called Jake and I was like ‘is there any way I could just come and make a song with ‘WRLDS’ and see what we come out with’ so I flew to Nashville in March of 2014 and for four days I was there and we wrote and recorded ‘Hot lights’ and ‘walk away’.”

The boys released an E.P recently, which is a collection of songs that are already available to listen to. Paul said how awesome they’ve found the process: “It’s served more as a re-release like a lot of the songs on that were already kind of out there, but just in single format. We wanted to compile everything.”

The newest single by the group was released just under a week ago, entitled ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS’.

The electronic and funky vibe to their tunes is definitely why they should be more well known. Songs such as “ILYSB” really demonstrate their musician skills, and the unique and catchy songs are worth a listen for sure.

LANY are currently part of Ellie Goulding’s UK stretch of her tour ‘Delirium’. They had never been to Manchester before, but they gushed about how cool they thought it was.

Paul exclaimed: “It’s amazing, I’ve just been to POP, it’s so awesome.”

He also spoke about his love of Britain’s favourite fry up and how he is a “big fan.”

Whilst on tour in the UK, it is inevitable that Lany have heard various British accents. Paul joked about how they sometimes can’t understand the lingo.

“No, no we don’t, but the Scottish one is really like, it’s just really kind of funny – they like to play it up when we’re around you know?”

When it comes to performing live shows, the boys revealed how the prepare for stepping out onto the stage, usually by being in a calm and chilled atmosphere, as Paul said: “We kind of get together, say a little prayer and just go out. It’s really chill.”

LANY with Quays News reporter Isobel Hine

So far the tour has gone incredibly well for the boys, especially since they are not really heard of in the UK. The shows are different to ones back home, and are “intense” and a “different vibe.”

Despite this, LANY are still having a great time on tour, and they seemed excited and looking forward to their show in Manchester: “It’s really fun though like Manchester’s going to be amazing,” Jake said.

Back in America, the band have a growing following, and their popularity is on the rise. Paul spoke about how dedicated the fan base they have in the US is: “Yeah we have a small fan base, nothing crazy, but they are so intense and engaged. It’s honestly the greatest gift in the world.”

Apart from their American fans, the boys revealed what they missed about being away from home, and the answers were purely food based. Paul said they were discussing all the different kinds of food they miss, and Jake explained their famous ‘Chick-fil-a’.

“I Facetimed my wife yesterday and she ate ‘Chick-fil-a’ and I was like oh this hurts.”

He then quickly added: “Obviously I miss my wife too cos she’s back in the states.”

The conversation then moved back to music. The band decided their favourite song to perform together is ‘4EVER!’ because they love playing it live as a group.

They also spoke about covers they would play if they had to choose one.

“I would love to do something like ‘Forrest Gump’ or ‘Frank Ocean’, yeah I think they would be fun to cover,” Paul said.

“I was actually watching the clips of Glastonbury last night and Dolly Parton was playing, she writes some great songs,” answered Jake.

After touring with Ellie Goulding, the boys are getting a break during April, however it isn’t really a work-free holiday, as they have to write and finish a record.

Then, the boys have a busy summer ahead, including playing 10 festivals in the US, and possibly being at Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK. This is as well as their first headline tour in the US beginning in May.

Definitely keep both eyes open and ears peeled to see what the future holds for the truly talented LANY.

By Isobel Hine

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