FOR Birmingham-based outfit Semantics, the road to success has been a somewhat diligent one: since their formation in 2014, a combination of calculated creativity and overpowering stage presence has scored them a flurry of gigs without, as of yet, anything more solid. However, all that is about to change – as they prepare to release their debut EP.

Despite boasting a relatively underground status, the group have a tight grasp on a rapidly growing fanbase. With thousands of soundcloud streams and fistfuls of rave reviews under their belt, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Naturally, this debut strives to kick-start a long term legacy: with the haunting vocal reverberations and interpol-esque basswork of ‘Games‘ (released last year) as an opener, there are no hesitations in lavishing a unique brand of 70s new-wave into every audible corner.

With this, a healthy – or rather, gaunt and peaky – combination of alternative and industrial influences positively oozes across the course of the EP, as it progresses into ‘Limits‘, a fresh chapter within the band’s sombre tome.

In keeping with their repertoire, this new track is sharp, dense, and easily savoured: yet, the ever-swooping vocals of Rob Lilley lend an unorthodox air of subtle softness, achieved only by the likes of certain talented lyricists.

The self-titled EP is then cleverly tied together by a carefully remastered take on the gut-wrenching ‘Oceans‘, as well as latest single ‘My Detainer‘.

All in all, one is presented with a calculated, yet powerfully emotive glimpse into the tumultuous realm of ‘Semantics’: though it may appear short and sweet, it is certain that this glimpse, however brief, will shake those who seek ‘a different sound’ to their core.

By Emily Ingram

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