HALF Moon Run performed on the Radio 1/NME tent on Friday (August 26) and our entertainment reporter, Abi White, went to check out the Canadian band’s Leeds festival slot…

Since releasing their debut album back in 2012, ‘Dark Eyes’, featuring some of the band’s most memorable songs, the four-piece returned with their second album last September: ‘Sun Leads Me On.’

The band began their ambient sounding set with two songs off their newest album, playing ‘Turn Your Love’ and ‘I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On’ for the excited crowd.

The distinct vocals from Devon Portielje worked exceedingly well with the band’s euphoric sound, ultimately resulting in an emotive and enticing set.

Unofferable’ played next, with seemingly more members of the audience familiar with this track; potentially suggesting that the band should have began their set with a better-known track or a track off their debut album.

However, starting their set with songs off their latest record undoubtedly demonstrated the different sounds from both albums, with guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Isaac Symonds describing in a previous interview that ‘Sun Leads Me On’ sounds very different to ‘Dark Eyes‘.

Although quiet on the festival front in 2015, the band wrote a beautiful 13-track album, with Symonds commenting that “every song whilst we were writing it felt like the best song in the world.”

“It’s hard to describe,” he said. “You’re so blown away and you think it’s gonna be the biggest song ever. Every song that we wrote, we just fell madly in love with it.”

It was only after the release of the second album last September that the band have taken their new tracks on tour and festivals with them.

Call Me in the Afternoon’ from the band’s debut album picked up the tempo and encouraged the audience to sing along to the track.

Dylan Phillips’ drumming was notable during this part of the performance and the uniqueness of it played a key role during this track.

Following were three more tracks off the band’s debut album: ‘Drug You’, ‘Need It’ and ‘She Wants To Know’ resulting in a set mainly dominated by the first album.

It proved a masterstroke as it resulted in keeping their audience fixated as they were more familiar with the older tracks.

Their stage presence was truly fascinating; with the whole set feeling as though it flowed together perfectly and the band members’ luscious locks adding to the effect of the performance.

Consider Yourself’ from the band’s newest album played before the final and most acclaimed track ‘Full Circle’ rounded off their set.​

The set as a whole was spine chilling and all members, Devon Portielje, Isaac Symonds, Dylan Phillips and Conner Molander played an equal part in creating their unique, relaxing yet captivating sound.

By Abi White

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