LAST WEEK Manchester based designer Flenci Rose showcased her first collection at Liverpool Fashion Week. 

On Tuesday night, designers from around the country traveled to Liverpool, to be featured in the ‘New and Emerging Talent’ night as part of Liverpool Fashion Week.

Among these designers was Flenci Rose, originally from Zimbabwe and now based in Manchester, Flenci wanted to showcase an African style with a modern twist.

With the use of traditional African prints and modern materials, such as scuba, she worked classic designs with a contemporary approach.

Flenci Rose Collection
Credit: Olivia Smith

Behind every designer is a wonderful seamstress and it is no different with Flenci Rose.

We met with Mandy Davenport, the behind the scenes seamstress for Flenci’s collection.

Nestled away in her Trafford studio, a week after Liverpool Fashion Week, she said:

“Flenci came to me with so many intricate designs and drawings, so we sat down and simplified what we could but still kept her vision in mind. With only five weeks to produce a whole collection, I had to work around the clock to make sure the garments were perfect. I’ve been a seamstress for over forty years but I’ve never been to a fashion show, so to go and see a collection that I helped put together was really amazing.”

Credit: Olivia Smith
Credit: Olivia Smith

Flenci made it clear that she has taken inspiration from her African roots but that she doesn’t want that to define her or her collection.

She told us of how she began designing and making with her family after years of wanting to she finally has achieved her own dream of  creating her own label. She said:

“It’s a hard business and it can be quite expensive, but you should never give up. No matter what, never give up!”

Flenci Rose Designer
Credit: Olivia Smith

The collection is designed to be worn by women of all sizes, a factor that was a very big part of Liverpool Fashion Week, as Amanda Moss who organised the event was pushing for diversity and wanted to celebrate women of all sizes and ethnicity. After the event she told us,

“Fashion is about having fun and experimenting with different things. When I put on both Liverpool and Manchester Fashion Week, I always aim to keep it fun, because that is what it is all about!”

amanda moss and team
Amanda Moss and the Liverpool Fashion Week team – Credit: Olivia Smith

The Fashion Week ran for four days in Liverpool showcasing a variety of designers and models. It is a fun filled event and one not to be missed. Manchester Fashion Week begins in May 2017, you can read more on the event.

Check out Flenci’s page here.

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