WALKING down the narrow staircase into Crazy Pedro’s, from the very first site of the sign declaring “Drink Pizza Eat Mezcal” it’s clear that the Pizza place’s new expansion is placed perfectly in the Northern Quarter.

Further into the main room, the decor is suitably hipster rock’n’roll. The roof is plastered front to back with famous rock album covers including the Sex Pistols, AC/DC and more.

Light bulbs float within bare metal cages. Standing pride of place near the back of the room are two pinball machines – KISS and Ghostbusters themed respectively – thatPedro's Sign will be packed come launch day.

To the left, a DJ is playing classic disco and dance anthems including Chic whilst mixing in some newer tunes including Drake’s ‘Legend‘ and Kanye West’s ‘Fade‘.

The main event is, of course, the pizza. Waiters wander the room all night with large, plastic trays serving a huge variety of 16″ pizzas.

Choices include the whimsical “Chicken and Waffle” – yes, the American waffle not the potato kind. The sweet topping works perfectly with the fried chicken to create a inexplicably mouth watering topping.

They also serve a more traditional “Pedro’s Pepperoni” which tastes incredible despite its relative simplicity.

The highlights of the menu are definitely the many more colourful offerings though. These include the “Nacho Libre” which features so many tortilla chips it’s difficult to take a bite of, along with chilli sauce, jalepenos, guac and sour cream.

Pedro’s pizza prices are relatively inexpensive too – any pizza will run you £3 a slice or £15 for the entire 16″ serving, with no compromise on size or price.

The drinks are slightly more expensive, on a student budget though. Each cocktail costs £8 and the servings aren’t particuarly generous; they are undeniebly gorgeous though.

A particular highlight was the Miss American Pie, which with vodka, chochi Americano alcohol and a fruity flavouring of lemon, apple and blueberries, the pink drink was strong but not overpowering.

Other favourites were the frozen Strawberry Daqarui, Carlito’s Way – a lethal JD and beer combo – and a strong but nice Rum Punch.

On Friday (November 11) the bar hosts its public launch party – with the first 100 guests through the door being offered a free goodie bag including a t-shirt and more so get down early as possible.

By Will Stevenson

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