WRETCH 32 came to the O2 Ritz in Manchester last night promoting his new album “Growing Over Life”.

Centre stage in an intimate venue famous rapper took to the spotlight to feel connected to the audience. This close feeling enabled him to interact easily with his fans.

He got everyone raring and excited by encouraging each person in the room to put their hands in the air and follow his lead.

Coming on to stage dressed up in a jacket and snapback hat, the artist found himself getting hot taking a piece of clothing off after every song until he was left in his grey t shirt and jeans.

Even then you could see the sweat through his t shirt by the end of the concert.

He found himself in his comedic element when, in between songs, he would rap too quick people couldn’t understand but with his explicit language he amused the audience.

There was a great presence on stage from Wretch 32 and his six piece band. The backing singers were phenomenal in their strong voices supporting Wretch throughout his gig.

The six piece set included a fantastic drummer, a guitarist and a pianist who also took to the guitar.

The devotion of audience members was apparent through their energetic movements, including a lot of jumping and bouncing.

The two hour performance was none stop from start to end with Wretch performing classics such as 6 Days right through to his new tracks from the album “Growing over Life”.

The audience appeared engaged throughout, possibly helped by the colourful lighting and reappearing strobe. It can be sure the Wretch 32 Snapchat filter will have appeared on many stories across the North.

Looking over the crowd flashes on cameras were seen everywhere.

At the end of the show Wretch 32 gave a sentimental speech about when he was growing up and the choir he was in, he dedicated his last song to that as he sung it within his group.

By Meg Lee

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