SALFORD residents have been reacting to the recent partition to close retail stores on Boxing Day.

People think that christmas is a family orientated time of year. In the partition it states that “One day is not enough to see two sides of families.”

The petition was launched on the UK Government and Parliament Partitions page.

It has already got over 128,807 signatures and is still rising every minute.

The petition has had a great reaction on both Twitter and Facebook.

We are currently at a two day wait for a debate date.

The partition has gotten over 10,000 signatures we are currently at a 20 day for a government response.

Quays News’ went and spoke to people working in retail in The Lowry Outlet Mall to see what they had to say about the issue.

Mo from The Body Shop said that she hadn’t heard of the petition until we had explained it.

However she said “I’d love to close”, even though on boxing day “its a good atmosphere” and “busy”.

She went on to say that the reasoning behind wanting to be closed on Boxing Day is because she has to “Drive from wales at 5am” to get to work on time.

Another person we spoke to was Olivia Carter from Vans at the Trafford Centre.

She said exactly the same that she goes to University in Manchester, however she lives in Cambridge so for her working on Boxing Day may mean not being able to go home for christmas.

On the other hand Quays News spoke to a staff member at Bella Italia in The Lowry Outlet Mall.

He was arguing against the partition say that he “doesn’t mind working any day” and also that there open on christmas day and he’s not too fussed by that.

He feels like “they wont get much custom on boxing day”. However he still likes working on Boxing Day.

The petition he feels doesn’t really apply to him as he likes woking any day of the year. So in that case he wouldn’t be signing the petition to close on boxing day, or even Christmas day if it was included within the petition.

The petition has until April 2017 until it ends, however with the already significant amount of signatures it is looking promising for the soon not to be Boxing Day retail workers.

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