NOVEMBER 20 marks the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which honours the memory of the hundreds of transgender people lost each year to violence and hate crimes.

Created in 1999 as a service to honour Rita Hester, a transwoman murdered in her apartment in Boston, candle-lit vigils throughout the world name each and every victim of transphobic violence that year.

The long list of names only includes those confirmed by the press to have been killed from a transphobic attack with the actual number of victims much higher.

In Salford, services were available throughout the day to help spread awareness on transgender issues and provide support for those who have suffered violence due to their gender identity.

Salford University’s Peel Building was lit up purple as a show of support, while a candle-lit vigil was held by the plum tree planted as a show of support last year.

Nikita May, the Day of Remembrance organiser for Salford, said: “Quite a lot of transgender people live in Salford and there has been quite a lot of instances of transphobic abuse.

“We want people to know there are resources here in Salford, the LGBT Foundation now has its own Trans Manchester program, which can help while waiting for appointments at transgender clinics which can take ridiculously long.”

By Paul Robinson

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