For the past three weeks we have witnessed torture, tears and tarantulas, and the Queen of the jungle was finally announced last night in the final of I’m a celebrity 2016.

Nine years and a steady average of 9.86 million clocked in to watch the celebrities fend for themselves in the jungle every week.

Entering through the infamous helicopter jump and a sky high walk along the bridge, the show was off to their predictable start. As usual, the camp was filled with a montage of personalities, where we embraced the delightful relationship between Larry Lamb and Scarlett Moffatt and the fact that Homes under the Hammer presenter, Martin Roberts indeed liked to hug trees.

However, this year’s I’m A Celeb did lack a bit of the drama and excitement we have seen in previous years. From the beginning it was noticeable the fellow camp mates got on really well. This was combined with the fact the celebrities ate almost every night, as the trials were completed, which left the programme with no tension or drama.

With the drama far from controversial, like Lady C’s regular fits of rage in 2015, the only thing to love was in fact the celebrities themselves. This included Mancunian Adam Thomas (who found himself winning third place in the I’m A Celebrity 2016 final) and his unusual noises when faced up close and personal with various bugs and creatures, described by Ant as ‘creating his own language’, in more or less every trial he had to complete.

As a main character on the soap Emmerdale, and being known as Scott Thomas’s brother from Love Island, audiences soon fell for his cheeky charm and small pranks he played on his fellow camp mates, making him an obvious choice as one of the finalists.

I’m a celebrity 2016 star Adam Thomas features as a main character in ITV soap Emmerdale. (Image labelled for reuse)

In spite of this, the highlight of the series for me was the discussion of Martin’s love of tree- hugging. With him self-admitting he was in fact a ‘tree-hugger’ and managing to convince an amused Adam Thomas to also in fact hug a tree and embrace the feeling. It was probably one of the most exciting things to happen on this year’s series. He also did create a few childlike tantrums, one of which was after he lost in the trial known as ‘The Hungry Games’ and had to live of basic rations, where he claimed he did not like beans, the only thing on the menu.

Of course, the saving grace was the nation’s most loved duo Ant and Dec. Their witty humour and cheesy lines during the show is what makes it what it is. It would not be the same without them poking fun at the celebs or in fact themselves. They also cause uproar within viewers, when they split up for more than five minutes when having to enter two camps during one of tasks, which seemed to be the biggest occurrence to hit the headlines.

The now reigning queen of I’m A Celebrity 2016 is Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffat, who conquered her fear of small spaces in the final trial of the series, and was probably one of the first winners who is most deserving of the title.

Overall, in comparison to previous years of meltdowns from Helen Flanagan and a collapsing Gillian McKeith, this series didn’t create the buzz I expected.



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