AS England and Lancashire legend Andrew Flintoff turned 39 this week, we decided to look back at four moments that defined the England all rounder’s illustrious career.

As well as being known for being one of England’s best modern cricketers,’Freddie’ is just at home on a TV screen as he is on the pitch. In the first clip on the list, he displays some of the humour he often shows on ‘A League of Their Own‘, as he manages to talk out a Tino Best…

1)‘Mind the windows Timo’

England were in buoyant mood when the Windies opened their batting campaign at Lord’s, however the game is more memorable for a piece of sledging gold.
It came in two parts, the first when England were batting; a response to Dwayne Bravo: “Let’s see where you are in three years time, this game has a funny way of biting you on the arse”.
Then when the West Indies were at the tail-end of their innings, Freddie crept up to Best saying: “Mind the windows Tino”.
The very next ball, Tino swung for the Lords pavilion, caught thin air and was bowled out; Freddie opted to see the funny side.

As the third highest English wicket-taker in one-day international cricket with 168 wickets, and 13th highest in Test cricket with 219 wickets, it would be a crime to leave out the next moment…

2) The greatest over in Ashes history

Few Ashes moments are quite as memorable as when Flintoff steamed in to Justin Langer and Ricky Ponting.
The first ball, nothing special (although Flintoff was on a hat-trick), the second though saw Langer’s stumps flying and the opener dismissed for 28.
Ponting then came in but had next to no time to settle from a rampaging Freddie, who eventually dismissed the captain in the last ball of the over.
It left Australia 82-3, and was a crucial turning point in a match England won by the skin of their teeth.

3) The last hurrah

England were humiliated 5-0 by Australia the series after winning the urn back in 2005.
So when they returned in 2009, England were keen to avenge the whitewash, and for Flintoff to round off his career with a win.
Once again, the big man contributed to a series win against The Aussies.
Once again, it was the expense of Ponting, who was ran out by the all rounder, with an immaculate long range throw.

4) Flintoff almost wins the blast for Lancs

Flintoff came back to t20 for Lancashire in 2014, almost making it worthwhile in the final against Birmingham Bears.
Coming in at number nine with Lancs still requiring 26 to win, the former England star hit 20 off 11 to put The Red Rose within touching distance of the tournament. It wasn’t to be though, as Simon Parry couldn’t get off strike to allow Flintoff one last Hurcluean swing.
The tragedy is, that if Parry managed to, Flintoff would have certainly won the game for Lancs.

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