THE Indian Society at the University of Salford decided to bring a piece of India to Greater Manchester with the Holi Festival, celebrating life, passion, energy and love with both Hindu and non-Hindu students.

Holi Festival, also known as the “festival of colours” or “the festival of love”, is a Hindu tradition that takes place on full moon day, which fell on March 12 this year.

The festival signifies the success of good defeating evil and it symbolises a new beginning filled with happiness as well as representing the arrival of spring.

The celebrations go on for two days, entailing a free-for-all carnival of colour throwing, eating and drinking festival delicacies, lots of music and visiting family and friends.

At Salford University, students gathered together to do the ritual colour throwing together on campus with a DJ and drummers outside to aid the festivity.

Niyati Takiar, chair of the university’s Indian Society, said: “It’s always nice being Hindu to celebrate Holi wherever we are with whoever we’re with, so it’s really nice to do it here in Salford as we can spread the culture and carry on the traditions.

“It’s amazing to spread it to other people of other religions and share the cultural experience with them.”

With around 45 members of the Indian Society and approximately 100 people in attendance yesterday at the Holi festivities, the Indian Society successfully welcomed both Hindu students and non-Hindu students to the celebrations.

Aditi Saha, a Hindu student at Salford University, said: “It’s such a nice thing to see people’s minds become more open to accept the beauty of other cultures and kind of encourage people to explore Indian culture more.”

In addition to the Holi Festival, the Salford Students Union are hosting “One World Week” that is filled with multicultural events and activities such as international movie night, an international food festival and a henna tattoo session. To see what and when cultural events are taking place this week, click here.

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