A LOCAL conference organiser claims it was important to inspire and empower Manchester’s black African women at an event held on Saturday.

The conference was held by the charity UCOMM which aims to support and help black and minority ethnic groups living in Greater Manchester and regularly holds meetings and conferences to help others.

During the event on Saturday the conference aimed to help local women and included  topics such as domestic violence, how to set up their own business and what they should invest in the United Kingdom. Also, the group were taught how to use the app Wave so they can send money to their families in Uganda.

Rehema Kawooya, Chairperson for UCOMM, said: “It is to inspire women, especially our black African women because I just find that there are not a lot of us in the media or in the public eye or show that they are doing great things in the community.”

The conference organiser, Betty Jjemba, added: “The aim is to empower women, to bring about togetherness, people to get to know each other, to share food, to share different ideas.”

The non-profit charity aims to relieve hardship, promote good health and advance education to their beneficiaries since 2008 and they also provide facilities for recreation in the interest of social with the aim of improving their lifestyle.

To see future  projects and conferences around Greater Manchester, visit their website for more information.

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