MANCHESTER City Council’s latest waste disposal scheme has resulted in people calling 999 over ‘I.E.D’ look-a-like devices.

Greater Manchester Police have said that they have received two calls from the public over the sensors which have been installed in 250 litter bins in Manchester city centre and in public areas.

[pullquote]An improvised explosive device (IED) is a bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action.[/pullquote]

The devices are designed to use ultrasound to monitor the level of rubbish in the bins.

When a pre-set level is reached a message is sent to the council, letting them know that the bin needs to be emptied.

The idea is that this will increase the efficiency of the waste disposal services, with bins being emptied before they get full, and authorities learning which bins need to be emptied more frequently.

The scheme is being trialed for 3 months, and if it is successful, the council will extend the trial and put the sensors in more of Manchester’s bins.

IEDs. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Twitter users reacted with relief at the news that Manchester Council was not planting I.E.Ds in the town’s litter bins.

Credit: Manchester City Council
Councillor Nigel Murphy Credit: Manchester City Council

Manchester Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhood, Councillor Nigel Murphy, said: “We are aware that some people have seen the sensors in litter bins and, in the current heightened security climate, would like to reassure residents that far from being something to worry about, these sensors have the potential to make our service more efficient.

“We’re keen to find out whether smart technology has the potential to help us reach bins which need emptying more quickly and will study the results of this research project with interest.”

This follows the news that Glasgow City Council is launching a 12-month trial of these ‘smart-bins’, with 400 censors being placed in some of Glasgow’s 10,000 bins.

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