Mental Health Awareness Week is due to take place May 8 – 14, with various institutions offering a range of opportunities to highlight specific aspects of mental health.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, The University of Salford will begin campaigning to raise awareness about specific aspects of mental health, amongst other institutions.

Established in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Week stemmed from World Mental Health Day for advocacy against social stigma.

The University of Salford is running a range of free workshops throughout the week at The Peel Park Campus.

On Monday (8 May) Mindful colouring is taking place at Atmosphere, University House, similar to a mindfulness session at Faith Centre on Tuesday (9 May)

During Wednesday (10 May) Mindfulness colouring is being held at Allerton Canteen for the entirety of the day and a mindfulness session at Faith Centre during the hours of 3pm until 4pm.

External agencies Samaritans, Energise Centre, 42nd Street and Manchester Mind discuss their organisation and the support they have available for students at Allerton Foyer from 11pm – 2pm on Thursday (11 May)

Also, a five week Red Devils Course that aims to look at developing mental fitness through a series of educational sessions is available to join by booking your place in advance.

On Friday (12 May) from 1pm until 1.30pm, Boxfit followed by swim and sauna at The Sports Centre takes place before a relexation workshop at 2pm until 3.30pm at Mary Seacole, MS 264.

The University of Salford aim to spread the word and help break down the barriers surrounding mental health and have ensured that all the events taking place are free.

The Mental Health Foundation are an organisation that also works to break the barriers, but by looking at mental health from a new angle.

This year, the Mental Health Foundation seeks to uncover why too few of us are thriving with good mental health, exploring how many of us are surviving or thriving, what the government can do to support communities and what steps we can take to look after our mental health.

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